(New) This Is Something I'm Doing On My Right Thigh Each Morning

Posted by Jackie Wicks on

We learn about our own products as we all use them. The new Exfoliating Scrub is more powerful and helpful than we expected.

Scrubs in general work to remove a layer of dead skin. This in turn helps to stimulate over cell turnover. Y0u basically force new skin to grow and old skin to go away.

Our scrub in particular has a very fine feel to it. It's not gritty, but it works. Really well. It's not a simple salt or sugar scrub-- it's much finer than that and I feel comfortable using it on most parts of my skin.

What I am doing right now is using the scrub on my right thigh, for 30-45 seconds. Scrubbing up and down. And then I'm adding TONED directly after.

This is a very unique ingredient combination.

So far it feels great, and I wish I had started this a year ago. The scrub is also something that you add to your neck routine as well. Keep the feedback coming, and let us know your tips!

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