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We recently asked our customers how they would describe Skin Beautiful MD to their friends.

You can see a full list of all the comments here but there was some very remarkable similarity in the answers.

The general theme was “this is the best skin care company out there and the fact that they make their products affordable is an added bonus”

We are doing something a bit different here. the purpose of this guide is to help teach you the exact things that are making so many others so happy.

One thing we do really well is that we teach people the science of what’s going on with our ingredients.

This is probably the most important thing to communicate as you are getting started. We send a lot of motivational emails every day and we try and teach people something every time.

The ingredients we use are the best in the world and we can prove that.

What most people don’t know is that every skin care company shares the same basic supply chain, for ingredients, even for packaging.

A very critical thing to focus on in the first part of this guide is to teach you that a lot of these ingredients in the supply chain have gotten better.

We don’t make those ingredients, and neither does any other skin care company.

We are all working with the same basic set of tools. so what is making our customers say that we’re doing it better than everyone else?

We think a lot of it has to do with our coaching and our motivation, things like what you’re reading right now.

it’s important to focus on this idea that the ingredients overall are getting better with skin care. The reason this is important is that they weren’t as good before.

Even as recently as five years ago.

This is important because five or ten or 15 years ago is when you formed your opinion of products in this category.

You probably experienced being disappointed. we hear that a lot. Especially when we first started a few years ago and people just tried our products to try them.

People would be surprised that they work so well.

Because we are a smaller nimble company we are able to get new ingredients to customers very quickly we say all this because the number one objection people have when they first hear about us is "I want to believe you but I don’t."

People want to believe that the products work, but their own experience has shown them otherwise.

Are you going to believe us or believe your own experience? it’s quite a paradox!

So that’s really a very clear step one when getting started. To understand that there are some really great new ingredients out there, they work better than things used to work.

These new ingredients also work really well when added to the old familiar products like vitamins and botanicals and extracts.

It’s almost like the skin care industry has reached this “tipping point “or things really are better.

The number two most important point to make for those of you getting started is that you have to give these new ingredients time to work and you almost have to visualize this curve where the products get exponentially more effective every week, for the first 12 weeks or so.

We’ve done a lot of surveying of our customer base, and we are always asking their advice about what to tell new people

You can see some of the specific responses here, but again the theme is very consistent.

Give it time, don’t be afraid to combine the products and layer, and be consistent and disciplined as you get going.

When you get started there are two products in particular we want you to try on your face and three products in particular to try on your neck.

Use these every day for 30 days and ideally for 90 days. We have a night and day cream which is our number one most ordered product, and most of our customers order three at a time.

This is our number three most important point to get started. Use the night and day cream on your face in the morning and before you go to bed.

It’s a simple looking cream but there’s a lot going on.

One set of ingredients helps to build and increase the growth rate of the two most important types of collagen for your skin.

These ingredients are “peptides“ which simply means super tiny protein that is easily absorbed right into your skin.

These peptide get your genes working like they did when you were in your 20s. in fact there is a specific type of collagen called type three collagen which your body stops producing in its 20s.

The specific collagen is what gives youthful skin a soft look and feel.

This is combined with peptides that help increase type one collagen which is the durable common collagen that is in 80% of your body.

One of our customers even suggested that for extra skeptical people they use the scream just on one side of their face for 30 days to see the difference, because the results are likely to be unmistakable.

Another set of ingredients in the night and day cream functions as a safe and non-toxic version of Botox.

The result is this cream is likely to smooth your face a little bit almost instantly and give it a firmer look.

This is another recurring theme you’re going to see over and over again with our products and ingredients, some are designed to work instantly, and summer design to work month after month and deliver a consistent elevated look that leaves people almost addicted to our line.

That’s one reason this product is are most re-ordered, and we look at re-order rates as something meaningful. It’s one thing to sell someone a product, it’s another for people to order that product again on their own, which is what people do.

Another set of ingredients in the night and day cream helps the skin be in the sun without being damaged by the sun.

Quick science lesson here, when your skin is exposed to the sun all sorts of beneficial things happen.  Things like vitamin D production and things that are really necessary for your health and vitality.

But sun also creates these enzymes, called MMP. You can verify this by googling "MMP enzyme and sun" and you’ll see that this enzyme literally eats collagen when it’s activated.   That creates wrinkles.

The ingredients in our night and day cream help to almost completely block this enzyme.  This is really good news and allows you to get a healthy glow from the sun without any other downside.

There are other ingredients in the formula which help to build up the overall protective layer of your skin.

There are a whole series of “youthful skin genes“ which get activated by our ingredients. Vigorous exercise also activates some of these useful skin jeans and we always recommend as much strength training and high intensity interval training as you can possibly tolerate.

That’s a whole other rabbit hole we will go down to later in this guide, but another thing that makes our product line so good is we focus on many things that we don’t sell and are designed to help build youthful strong skin from the inside.

It’s almost like we intentionally hypnotize people to make better decisions every day....

Any type of exercise where are you sweat and get out of breath, that is good for your skin, every time you do that you drive important nutrients from inside your body toward the surface of your skin.

If you are older and really cannot exercise at all, buy or find a Power Plate and use it. Power Plate is one of our sister companies and that’s another rabbit hole which we will take you down as well.

One advantage we have that the larger luxury skin care companies don’t is we know how to go directly to people and not have to spend money on TV and magazine ads, that’s a bigger deal than you might think because it allows us to sell products for roughly 1/3 of the price of our competitors.

One of the only downsides of the newer ingredients in the global supply chain is that they are a lot more expensive because they were developed in labs by scientists and sold by companies whose only jobs to sell these ingredients.

When you see products that are hundreds of dollars and people give them rave reviews, it’s because they’re using really good ingredients, the same ingredients we use.

And here’s another thing that makes us totally unique and why people think we are “the best out there“. because we are generally coming to market at one third the price people feel free to use more product than they might otherwise.

We suspect that’s a real key advantage we have because these ingredients work and the more you use them the better your skin is going to look.

The next, fourth really important point here as you get started in your first couple months is to also use a product called Citrus Stem Cell Miracle on your face with the night cream. It doesn’t matter what order you apply them just make sure your skin is dry and the ingredients will absorb very quickly.

Citrus stem cell is an important ingredient because it’s also new and it works ridiculously well. most people of heard about stem cells and have some vaguely weird idea about gross baby parts and stuff.

The reality is that stem cells made from plants are in many cases just as effective and are a lot cheaper than the more expensive weird stuff.

The way to think about this ingredient is it’s sort of like this incredible fertilizer to grow things that make your skin firm up. it’s like miracle grow for your skin and it works hand-in-hand with the night and day cream to feed the things your skin needs to renew.

We will also introduce you to the specific lab where this ingredient is made, and even some of the scientists who made the ingredient

it’s important that you believe us because belief is an important part of this and there’s nothing that we write in this document that you can’t open up Google and confirm for yourself.

There was a ton more to teach you. But if you were looking to just focus on your face just focus on those two products for the first 30 to 90 days, develop a habit and you’ll build the belief.

Our team has worked in both the spa and fitness/health industry for 25 years so were coming at this problem from two very interesting places. We know a lot about health and habit formation.

Learning how to effectively protect your skin from the sun allows you to enjoy the tremendous health benefits that the sun provides.  It is a source of energy and you’ll find yourself being energized when you begin to move just a little bit more every day, start sweating and breathing more and working all the muscles in your body.

When you exercise the right way you increase the production of something called natural growth hormone. people spend $30,000 a year getting artificial versions of this extremely beneficial hormone.

When you exercise harder you increase production of natural growth hormone and then this increases production of collagen inside your body.

Again if you don’t believe us Google this, but the collagen is what you need for your skin, but also to make your joints feel good.

This is one of the main paradoxes of exercise, the more you need it the less you’re able to do it. Figuring out how to solve that problem is one of our jobs, and the first step in doing that is simply to realize that movement is a way to get rid of pain, you don’t avoid movement. if you avoid movement you’ll stay in pain.

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