A Tip To Quickly Smooth Your Skin

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There are two main types of wrinkles that appear on skin.

The first type are the deep kind of wrinkles that are caused by collagen and elastin degrading/eroding just under the surface of the skin.

The second type of wrinkle is a surface wrinkle that looks much shallower and is sometimes referred to as "crepey" skin.

There are a couple things you can do to help make skin look smoother, quickly.

There are also some effective longer term steps you can take.

Step 1:

If you have ever used a fine sandpaper on wood, you know that it works quickly to produce a very smooth feel.

The same thing happens with our new (and hugely popular) Exfoliating Scrub and your skin.

In as little as a week, you can start to see your skin look fresher.

This visual change happens quickly because you are getting rid of a top later of skin fairly quickly.

This new fine scrub is much smaller than a salt or sugar grain. It's effective but it does not leave red marks that take days to heal.

TONED applied right after helps to deeply hydrate, soothe and also start to get new skin firming cells growing underneath.

TONED contains several ingredients, one that helps to instantly hydrate the upper layer (Stratum Corneum) of the skin for 72 hours.

So the skin is smoother because the top (dead) layer is scrubbed away. And then the rest of the top layer is hydrated. And then other ingredients in TONED help to rebuild the collagen and elastin in the next layer of skin.

It's a perfect and simple system that makes things look and feel better right away.

This is a combination that I'd recommend for everyone and for every part of your body you'd like.

Get TONED here and get our Exfoliating Scrub here. Use TONED daily and use the Scrub every other day. I use it on legs one day, arms the next. Face one day, neck the next.
Here is how TONED works.


It helps to solve crepe skin both immediately and long term. We combine the most hydrating ingredients out there (including Hyaluronic Acid) so that when you first apply TONED your skin looks and feels great instantly. When I first tried this formula after it came out of the lab, I literally freaked. It was like nothing I had ever experienced. The peptides also help rebuild collagen and elastin in your skin, which is what is required to fix crepey skin long term. There is no other formula out there that works in this way.


TONED helps to solve the problem of effective anti-wrinkle for the whole body. Anti-aging products have gotten better over the years, because the ingredients have gotten better. But the best products are also the most expensive. Our customers would email us and tell us that after they applied our creams to the face and neck, they'd rub the rest into the back of their hands. And over time, the hands looked younger. So the challenge became, how do we make these ingredients affordable for the whole body?


By adding these new ingredients which alter the fat accumulation-release cycle we created a product that literally every time you use it, you program your skin to burn up to 90 percent more fat and store 50% less fat.

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