New Skin Scrub "Micro-Derm" Technlogy Helps Skin Renew, Anti-Aging Ingredients Penetrate Deeper

Posted by Jackie Wicks on

We have been selling a new skin scrub technology for a few months.  The response has been very positive.  

It’s a dual-action micro-dermabrasion exfoliator that simulates physical and chemical exfoliation, instantly polishing away roughness, smoothing uneven texture, and revealing a healthy-looking, glowing complexion.  Without making your skin look red or feel scraped. 

1. Your skin feels good after using this and looks great.  

2. This is also an ESSENTIAL Step 1 before applying powerful and expensive peptides

==>>The "scrub" part of the formula is an eco-friendly formula that starts to break down after 30 seconds of scrubbing.  It's a fine yet effective scrub that strips away dead skin and stimulates new collagen growth.  There are no micro-plastics in this certified organic and cruelty-free product.

==>>The formula also features powerful fruit extracts from France.  These help make the skin develop a healthy glow, and are tolerated by the most sensitive skin. 

You'll love this, guaranteed! 

Use with our Neck Rescue and Body Care Kit for the ultimate neck renewal system.

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