A tip to help you smooth and tone your Upper Arms

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In addition to doing a lot of plank and pushups on my Power Plate, I have found a combination of products that is transforming my upper arms.
In the last two weeks I found a spot on the insides of my upper arms that I had missed.  The skin looked like the skin on my thighs used to look.
I did a "loading dose" of Vitamin C Multi Serum,  Citrus Stem Cell and TONED.  I put a good amount, a couple times around my entire upper arm.  I did this every other day for a couple weeks.  
All the products are proven collagen and elastin builders, and it was encouraging to see how much progress I made in just 2 weeks.  The Power Plate forces your muscles to contract 1200 times every 30 seconds.  
If you can do a total of 5 minutes on your plate, you are getting a CRAZY good workout.  Remember that the intense exercise produced by the plate boosts levels of natural growth hormone dramatically.  500 percent and more.  
This in turn boosts collagen production, which will also help your skin become more toned and younger looking.  The Personal Power Plate is the least expensive model, and you can use the JACKIE20 code to save 20%.  
We see people from all walks of life make Power Plate a priority. 
Here is a great example:
I'm 67 and live in a small house that was built in 1940, drive a 2011 year old car, and eat out maybe 6 times a year.  My clothes are hand me downs from my daughter and my friends.  My money comes from social security and a part-time secretary job at my church.  
I had been getting your emails about the PowerPlate for over a year before I had the nerve to go ahead and get it no matter what.  
The PowerPlate is absolutely THE best investment I have EVER made in my whole life!.  Even though it was way out of my budget, I can clearly see that it is going to save me lots of money in the long run (less doctor appointments, skin creams, pain creams or pills, and on and on).  I wake in the morning and can't wait to 'dance' out of my bed and skip down the hallway to begin my day with my PowerPlate!
Yours truly.....
Serita bought the MOVE, which is the model I use. If I had unlimited budget I would buy this model, which is the one you see at Lifetime Fitness.
Another tip: If you are feeling overwhelmed in general, and are looking to get your looks back on track...try TONED on your face.   Just do that one thing.  See how you look and feel after 2 weeks.  
 TONED features the best anti-wrinkle, anti-fat and anti-cellulite ingredients. 
1. This IS a spot toner for your skin to target fat and cellulite. We did not create these ingredients, we are not the first to use them, and they work.  
2. Your skin is constantly taking fat in from the bloodstream and also returning fat to the bloodstream.  The ingredients help to slow down the intake, and speed up the output.  Essentially puts fat elsewhere, and this works 24 hours a day.  Whether you are active or sleeping.  
3. Fat is also constantly being burned (lipolysis) and created (lipogenesis)   TONED almost completely blocks the creation of fat cells in your skin after eating.  93% in human studies.  
TONED helps to increase fat burning in your skin 57%.  (!!)   
This stuff is pure magic. It also helps to reduce crepey skin INSTANTLY.  
So great long term impacts, 60 days for full anti-cellulite action.  
But also instant impact. You will love this. 100%
==>We built our new TONED cream so that people could have an anti-wrinkle and skin renewal cream designed to be used on the whole body.   
It also contains a set of ingredients designed to burn fat in the skin 24 hours a day.  Both when you are resting and active.  
This is a completely unique product and my guess is that you'll become addicted to this "magic cream."
This is a large 4oz container, and my advice is use it twice a day on the parts of your body that you want "toned."   
This formula is fragrance free. Paraben free.  Gluten free.  Vegan.  And made with organic ingredients.  
As with all our ingredients, there is a lot going on.  But order it and start using it.  

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