The Reason You CAN Spot Tone (Despite Being Told You Can't For Years)

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If you are like most people, you believe that it is impossible to spot tone areas of fat and cellulite, because the technology to do this didn't exist until very recently.  

In the fat cells just under your skin, there are 2 processes that are constantly happening:  

-Lipolysis is the process where triglycerides (fat) get degraded and returned to the bloodstream.  This process happens when you are rest, when you are exercising and when you are stressed.

-Lipogenesis is the process where fat is created and stored after you eat.  These two processes are always happening, at the same time.  This is called the fat accumulation-release cycle.  

Depending on how much you eat, and how much you exercise your cycle leans toward more accumulation or more release.  When you exercise and get your body into "fight or flight" mode, your level of Lipolysis goes way up.  This is why people recommend burst training and high intensity interval training.

When you eat, the opposite process happens.  Your fat cells get the message to store triglycerides.  The fat burning processes during this time are also limited. You've probably heard over the years that "food is information."  This is one reason why.  Exercise is also information.  

This is also why you keep hearing about intermittent fasting, and programs like 18/6, where you only eat for 6 hours a day.  So, the first foundation of targeting areas of fat on your body and on your skin is to focus on increasing the time you don't eat and increasing the time you do bursts of exercise.  (Yoga class for example)  

Additionally there is brand new technology out there that helps to impact the fat accumulation-release cycle in your skin. These are ingredients that can boost lipolysis by 57% and bring fat storage almost to a halt, 96%.  To be clear, this is in your skin, not deep in your body.

In our (very recent) experience people don't know about this new technology and are highly skeptical when they learn about it.  

What we have found however, is that people are educated and open to the idea that things like collagen and elastin levels can be boosted in the body.  You've probably heard of the term "peptide."  And you have probably tried them, and you also know they are kind of expensive.  

What you don't know is what a miracle some of these peptides are.  For example, did you know your body basically stops producing elastin after puberty?  Elastin is what makes your skin stretch and snap back.  Your body also stops producing a certain type of collagen responsible for baby soft skin--Type 3 collagen.  

Organic Chemists with PhD's mostly in Europe, figured out how to create these peptides, which are tiny proteins that absorb quickly into your skin.  These peptides contain information and instructions that get your collagen and elastin being produced again.  The most expensive skin care products out there (like La Mer) contain these "miracle" ingredients.  

There has also been a ton of research done on these ingredients, done on humans, not animals.  There is data and proof that these work.  There is also a ton of data about people buying these products again and again.  There is the science and the data, and there is also the experience that people have using these products.

Why did we explain all this to you?  Because the same scientists who developed these "miracle" peptides also created the ingredients that help to alter the fat accumulation-release cycle in your skin.  

At Skin Beautiful MD, we have been creating and selling products and solutions that target collagen and elastin production.  Our repeat orders are likely the best in the industry because of our pricing strategy.  We don't buy expensive TV or Magazine ads.  We simply teach people the science and say "hey try this and if you don't like it we press a button and return your money and you keep the product."  

That's how we built this business. In January of 2021 we launched a full body anti-aging cream called TONED that added these new ingredients to our proven ingredients.   This new large jar format solves 3 key problems.  

-First, it helps to solve crepe skin both immediately and long term.  We combine the most hydrating ingredients out there (including Hyaluronic Acid) so that when you first apply TONED your skin looks and feels great instantly.  When I first tried this formula after it came out of the lab, I literally freaked.  It was like nothing I had ever experienced.  The peptides also help rebuild collagen and elastin in your skin, which is what is required to fix crepey skin long term.  There is no other formula out there that works in this way.  

-Second, TONED helps to solve the problem of effective anti-wrinkle for the whole body. Anti-aging products have gotten better over the years, because the ingredients have gotten better.  But the best products are also the most expensive.  Our customers would email us and tell us that after they applied our creams to the face and neck, they'd rub the rest into the back of their hands.  And over time, the hands looked younger.  So the challenge became, how do we make these ingredients affordable for the whole body?  

-Third, by adding these new ingredients which alter the fat accumulation-release cycle we created a product that literally every time you use it, you program your skin to burn more fat and store more fat.  

It was interesting because we have a customer base of people who have re-ordered sometimes 40 times.  They trust us and love the products, love our coupons. They also love how we sell, using articles like this one which teach and educate.   But many we like "we love you but no way these ingredients work the way you are saying."   And over time, as people have tried TONED in combination with the products they already use, they are converted and convinced.   In fact, we launched a TONED Neck Care Pack, which combines 3 products to use on your neck 3 times a day.  

What we are seeing is that people try one jar of TONED.  (If you are new, we'd encourage you to start there and just do that.)    Then people try the combinations, and then order more. We added both a 3 pack and now a 12 pack to accommodate different requests for bulk purchase.  In short, TONED is something people love.  

Additionally, unlike other skin care companies, we focus like crazy on your daily habits in terms of eating and exercise.  If you are able to exercise more,  increase the amount of time you don't eat, and also use TONED, you can experience some quick success.  That is needed now more than ever.  Baby steps.  

When people experience the fat under their chin shrinking, that boosts confidence and motivation.  It's a cycle of success.  When people see their neck firm up, that makes them feel good but also motivated to keep up the good habits.  We all know what it's like to fall off track and feel like giving up completely.  

We've put together some really doable daily steps to keep you on track. To keep you TONED so to speak!  We also have a 25% percent off coupon, TONED25, when you check out here.  This brings the cost of your first 4oz (large) jar for just $59.  Try a jar now, there is no risk to you at all.  

When you sign up for our email, i'll try and answer as many questions directly. I'm also the worlds biggest fan of TONED, so I have some great tips if you ask me!

-Jackie Wicks, Skin Beautiful MD co-founder

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