The most controversial function of TONED cream are ingredients which help to move fat away from the top layer of your skin

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There is so much that can be done to repair sun damaged skin, over your whole body. Sun damage accelerates the skin aging process, so it becomes important for this to be your primary focus.  Our new TONED cream plays a central role in helping you with this.  But it's a little controversial!
Even some of our longtime Skin Beautiful MD customers have been skeptical of one of the functions of the new TONED full body anti-aging formula. The basic idea behind TONED was to create the same high quality wrinkle reduction that people get for their face and neck, but at a price people could afford.

There are GREAT new ingredients out there (way better than Vitamin C for example), but these cost a lot more. This is why the best skin care products are SO expensive.  At Skin Beautiful MD we are tackling that issue. (la mer for the masses is the general idea)

When it comes to making your arms and legs look smooth and toned, collagen and elastin must be rebuilt. New peptides have been created by PhD Organic Chemists in Europe-- these absorb quickly into your skin. These peptides literally tell your cells to start producing more collagen and elastin.

Your skin begins to reverse the aging process. TONED also deeply hydrates, which gets rid of the appearance of crepey skin instantly. But also helps to solve the problem of crepe skin long term. The most controversial function of TONED cream are ingredients which help to move fat away from the top layer of your skin.

The first way we address this is to point out that we did not invent these ingredients and we are far from the first to market them. We just ADDED them to our formula. Looking at the re-orders, our customers love that we added these ingredientsl

The second way we address this concern is to point out that the SAME PhD Organic Chemists that figured out how to tell your skin to grow more collagen, are the ones who figured out how to tell your skin to stop storing any more fat.

That is what these ingredients do. They nearly stop fat accumulation in its tracks. And they help to increase the rate of fat burning by around 50%. This can help reduce the appearance of cellulite and so much more.

TONED really is a magic cream, use the TONED25 code to save 25% at checkout here. You'll either love this immediately or we press a button and return your money. We don't want to jinx ourselves but we have has ZERO returns so far.


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