Why Combining TONED Cream With Power Plate Is A Collagen Building Bio-Hack

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When doctors do their pre-med work in college, Organic Chemistry is a requirement. So, anyone who goes on to become MD has to get good at this very complex subject. Many of the key ingredients that we use were developed by Organic Chemists with PhDs, in Europe. As we developed the Skin Beautiful MD line, the MDs on our team were able to expertly and quickly assess the new ingredients that have been created recently, largely in Europe.  Not only is an understanding of chemistry important to our work, understanding biology is as important.  

Getting skin to start producing more collagen is not just a simple matter of using creams containing these new ingredients. One is fighting against age, sun, alcohol/sugar intake. And you also really NEED to address both diet and exercise. If you are eating a diet that contains sugar, the most advanced ingredients from the smartest people in the world are not going to move the needle.

The team behind Skin Beautiful MD has been working together for 16 years. We have learned that people like to learn things, in a fundamental way. If you want the best looking skin, you HAVE to use the new ingredients out of Europe. You also need to understand that the body needs to reach a "tipping point" where more collagen is being produced than degraded.

Everyone is different, and every part of your body renews at a different rate. If you are new to what we are doing at Skin Beautiful MD, we'd encourage you to try just ONE thing. We highly recommend TONED, because you can use it on your whole body, including your face. It has ingredients which help to aggressively get you toward that tipping point in terms of collagen production.

We have a very loyal and long term customer base and community. Most of us are into exercise and eating well. The team behind Skin Beautiful MD has built or run businesses in the health, fitness and spa space for 25 years.

We have built programs at Lifetime Fitness to change diet habits. (DTOX, which over 1 million people have gone through) We also built and currently run the consumer business at Power Plate, which is the leading provider of Wave Vibration technology in the world. We also built PEERtrainer, which pioneered online health and diet support. 100 million people have visited PEERtrainer in the last 15 years. We tell you this because we have a really broad and interesting mission here with Skin Beautiful MD. We know that all this stuff works together, and we know that it takes time to stack good habits together.

For example, using a Power Plate in combination with our TONED cream might be one of the most advanced skin "bio-hacks" available. If you have access to a Lifetime or an Equinox, you have access to Power Plates.   You can also get a personal home unit, which many of you reading this have purchased
At the most basic level, exercise is good for you and good for your skin.  When you really step things up, you increase blood flow to the skin. This delivers nutrients to the skin, helps to remove waste from the skin. Exercise is THE thing that activates the lymphatic system which is needed to keep skin and body healthy.   Power Plate takes this whole process to the next level.

==>>Power Plate basically creates intense exercise for your muscles, without you having to do intense exercise.  It stimulates your muscles 1200 times every 30 seconds on average. What happens is the level of impact is so much that it forces your entire body to respond.  Your muscles get stronger, and so do your bones.  Anytime you work a muscle you send a simultaneous signal to bone that it needs to respond.  Which it does by producing more "stuff" that makes bones stronger. (Osteoblasts etc)  

Intense exercise like this ALSO stimulates hormonal response in your body.  One thing it does is boost levels of Natural Growth Hormone. This is the holy grail of why certain exercise is something you need like water or food.  There is an entire longevity industry that is showing how intense exercise activates your "Longevity genes."  See the work of Ben Greenfield and David Sinclair for example, highly recommended.   Natural Growth Hormone (GH) is considered a master hormone and helps many other processes get working again.  Like collagen production.  As growth hormone production goes up, collagen production in your whole body goes up as well.  

We talked about this idea of the "tipping point" earlier.  If you are boosting collagen levels WITHIN your body and then using TONED cream on the outside, you are tackling this problem from both sides.  
To learn more about Power Plate and Acceleration Training, click here.  The most popular version of the Power Plate is called the MOVE, this is also the one I have in my home.  The entry level center console unit is the my7.

And make sure to order your TONED here:
From our customers:
I want to thank you for your emails. They are like a daily dose of encouragement! 
Because of you I have switched over to the Skin Beautiful line of products and my face looks better than it has in years. My stubborn cellulite is finally disappearing too, thanks to Toned.
I'm not one to stick to an exercise routine but I've found something I actually look forward to - my daily routine on the Power Plate Move.
I've had my eye on the Power Plate since I first heard about them. I was finally able to purchase one about a month ago. I can tell that my balance has improved and my core muscles are also improving. The main reason I wanted one was for pain management and that has definitely improved as well. To begin with, I purchased the Pulse and I love it! I still use it to target pain in my neck and low back. I bring it with me when traveling.
I also joined a senior bowling league this year. My score has improved since using my Power Plate!
As for changes in my eating, I stared a ketovore/relaxed carnivore way of eating in January. I am a carb addict and this has helped me keep that in check. I'm not perfect, I still cheat occasionally, but I am able to revert back easier than I've ever done on any other "diet".
Thanks for offering such great products, and for teaching the science behind them. Can't wait to see what you'll come out with next!

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