The #1 Thing People Miss When Fighting Turkey Neck (What We Suggest Instead)

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If you google "how to fight turkey neck" you'll see a page full of exercises for your neck and advice to use hydrating creams.  We can all benefit from a stronger neck, but conventional wisdom will not fix or prevent this problem.  

These two will, in combination:  

1) You must rebuild collagen and elastin using the latest peptide technology.  All the best anti-aging skin care ingredients have these.  They are not cheap, and you need to apply these products twice a day for at least 2 months to start seeing firming.  

2) You must also work to remove fat from the top layer of your skin. Fat collects in neck skin, and this serves as a weight which pulls skin down.   Hence the turkey neck term.   Without fat there is no turkey effect.  You've probably read about creating a neck mask using coffee grounds and olive oil.  This does work to some degree.  

New research has shown that caffeine helps to "brown" fat and then helps to increase the amount of fat that is burned.  But what almost nobody knows is that there are new peptides that help to both increase fat burning and stop fat storage in its tracks.  In your skin.  

Our new TONED fully body anti-aging formula contains a full set of the best peptides to help rebuild collagen and elastin.  It also contains these new peptides for stimulating more fat burning in your neck and stops fat storage in its tracks.  If you are new to Skin Beautiful MD our suggestion is to try 1 jar of TONED and use it ONLY on your neck, twice a day for 60 days.  Ideally you'll add our Night/Day Cream and Citrus Stem Cell to the mix.

Because you have been burned by skin care products before, you are skeptical.  We get that.  This is our chance to show you that the new ingredients out there really are effective.  We set the expectation of 60 days and twice a day because we know that is a proven formula.  For fighting turkey neck, there really is not a better approach out there than using TONED on your neck.  Use the TONED25 code to save 25% on your first order here.  

==>>We also have a kit available that includes all 3 products mentioned here.  Learn more here and enjoy a built-in discount.  After taking this 60 day challenge, if you are not seeing results we press a button and return your money.  Nothing to send back, no-auto payments ever.  And we ship internationally.


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