The Most Expensive Skin Care Products In The World Share These 2 Secrets

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Did you know that the most expensive anti-aging formulas share many of the same ingredients, from the same suppliers?
Most people find this interesting.  What is also interesting is that these "secret ingredients" have gotten a lot better in the last few years.   

If you are like most of us, you've purchased a highly touted skin cream from a well known brand in the last 20 years, and you've felt let down.  Probably several times. 

The reason for this experience is that these formulas used botanical extracts, usually combined with certain Vitamins.  Relatively cheap ingredients, that all work, but don't work enough

In order to counter the effects of aging, sun exposure, alcohol consumption and sugar consumption you need to get your skin cells working the exact way they did when you were much younger.

In the last few years, scientists, primarily in Europe, have figured out how to do this!!

Organic Chemists with PhDs, many of them women, created a series of compounds that get your skin working the exact way it did 20 years ago.  

These compounds are all plant-based, organic, and have been extensively tested on people.  Some of these ingredients are so powerful that they are a form of biotechnology/gene therapy!   

The only downside is they are much more expensive than earlier botanical and vitamin ingredients. 

This is why you have probably heard of very expensive formulas that people also swear by.  We all know about products that are $200 for 1 ounce up to $500 for 4 ounces.

These expensive formulas work, because the ingredients work.

The good news here is that w created a new company in the last few years designed to tackle this exact issue.  Skin Beautiful MD takes the exact same ingredients from the same European suppliers and has created a line of products that anyone can afford. 

In fact, one interesting thing we have found is that at these affordable prices, people tended to use more product, which only make people's skin look better.    This has helped us create a very loyal following. 

We have also created very innovative new products as well as new complimentary programs designed to educate and motivate. 

Our newest innovation is a product called TONED, which is a full body anti-aging formula.  Users of their Night/Day Cream would wipe the cream on the back of their hands after applying it to the face and the neck. 

After a month or so, their hands looked a lot better.  They would email us and tell us this.   We then asked our own chemists "how do we create a powerful cream that is also affordable for the whole body? How do we create something better than La Mer, for a fraction of the cost.

Not only did we come up with a formula that could smooth wrinkles on the arms and legs, but we also found a way to solve crepey skin both immediately and long term.  In order to solve crepey skin in a long term way, you have to rebuild the collagen and elastin in the skin.  There is no other way. 

The TONED cream does this, beautifully.   

Not only that, but the chemists who created TONED also added a set of ingredients which help to remove fat from the top layer of your skin.  You may have heard over the years that "you cannot spot tone" areas of fat on your body. 

This is 100% no longer the case.  The same PhD Organic Chemists who figured out how to tell your genes to produce more collagen, have also figured out how to tell fat cells in your skin to stop absorbing more fat from the bloodstream.

As well as getting your skin to burn more fat at the upper layer.   The original idea for TONED was to give people something to use on areas of cellulite on the back of the legs. Which it works great for.   But what we found wad that people would also use TONED on their neck. In combination with the Night/Day Cream and another product
One thing that most of us don't know is that the skin on our necks under the chin accumulates fat. This accumulated fat, along with declining collagen levels is what leads to the "turkey neck" phenomenon as we get older.   Using TONED twice a day in combination with these other two products has given people some very smooth and tight looking skin.     

Skin Beautiful MD now has an Ultimate Neck Care Pack which includes these 3 products at a very discounted price.  Use TONED25 when you check out and get all 3 products for under $100 today. A small price for a smoother neck!

The mission of Skin Beautiful MD is to encourage people to completely rethink aging.  There are so many new discoveries that are helping people look and feel great at any age. 

We developed a free 28 day program which gives away all the closely held secrets of the beauty industry and also teaches the exact areas to focus on in terms of diet and exercise. 

In our view, people like learning new things, but LOVE getting focused on the exact things that move the needle in your skin. (And also keep the needle away from your skin!) 

We have many products, but we highly recommend focusing on TONED and the TONED Neck Pack first.   And also make sure to join the free program.

It is never too early to start caring for the skin on your neck and it is also NEVER TOO LATE to start turning back the clock. 

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