Guess My Age!

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I am 48! 

Did you guess correctly?

At a certain point, you start to realize that your skin just isn’t as soft and smooth as it used to be. 

It can be a little offsetting when you start to realize fine lines and sunspots are appearing and going to worsen.

If you are a “no fuss” kind of person it might be even harder because you aren’t really one for routines or hassling with a bunch of products.

I am a free-spirited woman, and I'm not into a ton of makeup or products. 

Typically, my go-to is just some mascara to pull together her look. 

I depend on my skin to stay youthful and vibrant because that is one of the things that will visibly age you the fastest.

I didn't really care for my skin properly when I was younger—not taking the right sunscreen precautions or getting into the right skincare routines early on.

As I got older (and more mature), I started to worry about her body and treat it with respect. 

You only get one.

I was strict with my food intake habits to stay healthy. 

In general, I keep my sugar intake to very, very low levels. 

My habits are already supporting my skin, but that wasn’t enough to stop the aging.

It started to feel “crepey” because it was starting to thin and lose collagen.

I just didn’t feel like myself... I was starting to feel… old.

And, I did not like that feeling.

So, I went on the hunt to find a product that could help get my skin under her control. 

I needed something easy and something that worked.

I tried a number of lotions. 

Some of them made me feel too greasy and seemed to even cause some acne. 

Some of them seemed to almost evaporate on contact and didn’t help the dryness issues of my aging skin.

A lot of them were extremely expensive and didn’t offer anything incredible to be worth the price tag.

I decided I must be just picky. 

I had really high standards for what I expected when I paid top dollar for skincare, and nothing was really meeting my expectations.

This is what made me create Skin Beautiful MD.

At this point, I was really tired of trying new products. 

But, I also felt like there had to be a solution out there. 

I knew my standards were high. 

But, surely, there was a product that could be right for me!

I created Toned Cream from Skin Beautiful MD to be simple and versatile, so I could use it every night or every morning before getting ready for the day.

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you use it for 4 weeks and can’t see a difference. 

That's how much I believe in this formula. 

Many of the other products I tried didn’t offer a clear guarantee that there will be a noticeable improvement.

We built this completely unique product because many of our customers would use the Skin Beautiful MD products on their face and neck, and then rub the rest of the cream on the back of their hands.  

People would email us, and tell us how good their hands look.  

 So we began to think about how we could create an anti-aging cream for the whole body, that was also affordable.  

We asked ourselves "what if we could create a product like the large jar of La Mer, that was better, a fraction of the cost, and also target areas of excess fat accumulated on the skin?"  

We took this a step further and set out to make the product fragrance free, totally plant-based, cruelty free, sustainable, gluten free, with a recyclable container.

Early on, I gave the product a try myself and was blown away by the results.

Toned makes my skin feel soft and moisturized, without feeling greasy. 

I love just putting it on because it felt so luxurious—like I can feel the ingredients absorbing right into my skin.

It's so smooth and thick, but there's no smell. 

It's really perfect for how I want to feel when putting my cream on.

And, within just a few uses, I noticed a big difference in how the skin looked. 

The crepey skin was smoothing out and my skin felt softer and “fuller.”

I wanted an all-over body cream that was perfect for my chest, neck and arms that had suffered so much sun damage in my younger years of skin neglect. 

Toned makes my skin feel tight and smooth. It's really magical.

With nourished skin, I look younger and healthier than I have in years. 

I've always had a youthful spirit, and now my skin is a much closer match.

Toned is now a necessary part of my everyday routine.

People can’t believe it when they find out I'm 48. “But, you look so young!” they say.

“I feel young,” I reply.

Are you ready to give a try too?

Use TONED25 at the checkout to get 25% discount on your first purchase!

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