New TONED Cream Targets Whole Body Skin Rejuvenation

Posted by Jackie Wicks on

New TONED cream leverages innovation created by organic chemists in Europe.  These ingredients help to re-hydrate the skin on a more permanent basis, reduce wrinkles, and even help remove fat from the top layer of the skin.

TONED is a large 4oz container of scent-free cream that does 3 things for key areas of the body. 

1) It has a peptide that is paired with hyaluronic acid to make the top layer of your skin the most hydrated it can get.  This helps quickly reduce appearance of crepey, wrinkly skin. Instantly

2) It has a series of ingredients which help firm and smooth your skin. It's like La Mer, but for your whole body. And affordable. 

3) Helps Reduce Fat Storage In Skin By 90%, Helps Increase Fat Burning by 55% (Helps Neck, Jaw, Belly, Arms, Legs) 

Try 1 jar for 50% off using the TRY coupon code.  If you don't love it immediately we refund you with a press of a button. And never ever ever any recurring charges.  Try it here or read more of the science before you buy!

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