The Mayo and Cleveland Clinic #1 Recommendation To Smooth/Reduce Wrinkles

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The Mayo Clinic #1 recommendation to smooth or reduce the appearance of wrinkles are Topical Retinoids.   Cleveland Clinic has almost identical advice. (source)  

With an intense enough formula, a Topical Retinoid can mimic the impact of Laser Resurfacing.

Revealing a fresh layer of new skin that has more collagen.  More collagen means smoother and tighter new skin. 

So, not only do you get rid of a wrinkly and dry upper layer, but you also get new skin that looks much younger.  

This "double benefit" that you get from Retinols are what make people think you had expensive work done.  (Cutting alcohol and sugar by 80% also helps.) 

The problem is that while Retinols are a lot cheaper than a procedure, and very effective, they can also be very painful. 

This is where new ingredients in the skin care industry come into play. Scientists have been working on this problem of creating a Retinol that doesn't hurt and does not burn. 

The "news" here is that they have accomplished this by extending the time it takes for the same impact on the skin. 

It makes sense if you think about it. Instead of doing something all at once, you can spread the impact over 7-10 days.  This new approach won't hurt, won't burn and won't make your skin peel.  And you'll get that fresh new skin that people will notice. 

This is where Skin Beautiful MD comes in.  Because we work directly with the global ingredient supply chain, we know the new stuff that works. It's always tested on people and the results of these tests are published. 

When it comes to this new category of "Retinol that does not burn" we have a new formula.  Our new Face Resurfacing Serum does everything outlined in this article.  New customers can try this for 50% off, using the TRY code at checkout.

Use for 7-10 days, twice a day and should start seeing visible results.  Out with the old skin, in with the new.  100% keep the bottle guarantee.  This stuff works.


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