Imagine If You Could Boost Your Skin's Ability To Self-Regenerate (and fight wrinkles at the same time)

Posted by Jackie Wicks on

One thing people love about Skin Beautiful MD is that we explain how our many of the ingredients work

And also what they are, so people can independently verify what we are saying. 

Every ingredient we use has been tested on (happy) people and they show you the results. When you use any of our products, the #1 thing to do is make sure it absorbs fully before applying another product. 

The order truly does not matter, unless you are applying sunscreen or makeup. 

==>>In our new flagship product, SMOOTH, we use an ingredient called SymGlucan. This ingredient helps your skin recover, and self-regenerate. It also helps reduce wrinkles and literally SMOOTH your skin.

If you have damaged skin for any reason, SMOOTH will help it heal.  Here's a series of images of how SymGlucan works in the skin. 

It helps the skin hydrate and recover, which leads to refreshed new looking skin.  It does so much more.  Key takeaway is that skin healing happens in 2 days and fewer wrinkles happen starting in 2 weeks.



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