If You Are More Physically Active Than Average, Do You Need To Approach Skin Care Differently?

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If you are more physically active than average, do you need to approach skin care differently?

When you are metabolically fit, you turn food into energy without much of a problem.

When you're not as metabolically fit a lot of your food gets stored as fat. Did you know that your skin also has it's own metabolism?

Here is what is meant by that: Healthy skin grows new healthy skin. As we age this process slows down.

What most people don't know is that there are a lot ways to speed these process back up.

There are THOUSANDS of skin care ingredients out there in use. Many of the newer, better ones send specific instructions to the cells of your skin to become more efficient. They tell them to "behave better."

Most of us are familiar with botanical extracts and vitamins like A C and E. Newer breakthrough ingredients, take these traditional concepts and turn them into a form of bio-science.

Many of the break-though ingredients that communicate directly to your cells are peptides. Peptide means super tiny protein. This is important because they are small enough to be absorbed into the top layer of your skin.

These peptides go into your skin and tell the different cells what to do.

With skin care, it's not just peptides, but they are the class of ingredients that make the best formulas work better than they used to. These ingredients keep getting better as new versions of what is working get improved every year or so.

Advances in skin care are going from the lab to the consumer faster than ever before. This presents a big opportunity for people who have been active and out in the sun for decades.

Which is great.

The energy from the sun has many benefits to our well-being. The sun helps us get happy and healthy. But, there are some downsides.

The sun ALSO helps erode the raw materials in our skin that make it firm and smooth. If you exercise and are active, you probably eat well.

When it comes to your skin, you simply need to feed it as well as you would feed your body. This helps to get your "skin metabolism" working.

You need to make sure you are using as many of these breakthrough, new ingredients as possible to get the best advantage.

The best creams out there will tell your skin cells to regrow the raw materials and different layers.

The challenge for most of us is that these creams are either very expensive or are marketed in a way that doesn't necessarily appeal to active successful people.

Our job is to take the mystery and crazy cost out of these breakthrough ingredients. We've done this for years, and have the best products on the market.

That also happen to be affordable.

All of our formulas can be plugged into third-party verification websites, where you can see what other scientists say about what we are using.

Because the newer breakthrough ingredients meet the new standards of clean beauty, there is no need for perfume to disguise any scent.

The same 2 ounce cream that companies sell for up to $400, we sell for around $50. And, you can try today with this sample offer.

it's not free, but it's incredibly reasonable for you to try our approach There is no subscription no tricks, no nonsense.

Try one jar of one of SMOOTH and see how you like it.

Our best selling product is simply called SMOOTH because it helps to smooth your skin, make it soft, firm and even.

It's gentle for the most sensitive skin. Most importantly we can walk you through every single ingredient that we use, and the third-party research behind these ingredients.

Advanced anti-aging for active, smart, driven and successful people.

If you take care of your body with the latest advances in sauna, therapy, red light therapy, whole body vibration, etc. you will love our approach.

There's no single "magical" ingredient that is going to make all the difference for you. The real magic is that we cast a very wide net.

Our formulas create a synergy that you can see and feel very quickly.

We communicate directly with everyone of our customers.  When you take advantage of our initial sample offer, you get access to a live help desk of people who will help you feel like you are really on the right track.

Our skin care concierge is able to give you a lot of tips and tricks.. Click "LIVE CHAT" at any time to open a conversation with us.

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