How To Target Deep Lines Aroud The Eyes (at any age)

Posted by Jackie Wicks on

Exposure to the sun at a young age helps to speed up the creation of deep lines around the eyes.   They often appear when we smile.  For many, this is the first place that wrinkles appear. 

Our skin ages as we get older. But sun in particular helps to "activate" enzymes that deplete the collagen in your skin.  This is is why the wrinkles appear around the eyes.  The sun has "zapped" them.  The solution is to fight fire with fire.  You want to tell your skin to build more collagen.  

Intense exercise and certain foods will help.  Certain ingredients that are used in in high performing skin care products can also help a great deal.  For example, extract from Orange Peels developed in Spain has been proven to increase the amount of collagen produced in the skin by around 200%.  

Think about collagen as a "battle" between forces designed to break it down and build it up.  Sun, age and diet all work to break it down.  Ingredients like this help to build it up.   These are "peptides" which means they are very tiny proteins.  They absorb into your skin quickly and get to work.  

People in our community have been using this for several years. Read some verified 5 start reviews here.  (Verified means a 3rd party makes sure these reviews are from people who have purchased from our website)

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