Do you know how good Retinol is, but don't want your face to burn?

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Several months ago we sent out a note asking if you would like a "retinol serum that does not burn."  

The answer was an overwhelming yes.  Today we are launching Retinoid RenewX, which provides all the powerful benefits of Retinol but without the common negative side effects.  

Use the TRY code at checkout to save 50% during this pre-order campaign.  

This product is designed for those of you who already love the Skin Beautiful MD line. It is also designed for people who use and love Retinol but don't love the side effects.

It can be used daily, and everywhere on the body.

Skin Beautiful MD takes a modern approach to skin renewal.  There are new active ingredients which renew the skin by "feeding" it powerful nutrients.  This means one no longer needs to aggressively "strip away" the skin with serums that burn or procedures that are costly and invasive.

==>> Retinoids are a group of chemical compounds related to Vitamin A. They are the #1 dermatologist recommend ingredients because of their unique ability to heal, renew, exfoliate the skin. They are highly effective at wrinkle reduction as well.  The problem has been that Retinol has the tendency to burn the skin.  This formula solves that problem in a very unique way.

Retinoid RenewX is a new serum from Skin Beautiful MD that helps to effectively renew the upper layer of the skin without burning. It accomplishes this by using Bakuchiol which is a powerful plant extract that is new to the skin care world.  

We combine this with a light amount of Retinol that is well tolerated.  These two ingredients work very well together. When you combine this serum with our peptide rich creams, you have a "full skin care stack" of ingredients.  Both the upper and lower layers if your skin get addressed.

Bakuchiol also helps repair acne scars.  Learn about the other ingredients here.   Buy Retinol RenewX here.

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