The 4 Things A High Quality Face Cream Must Accomplish

Posted by Jackie Wicks on

There are 4 main things that a high quality face cream needs to accomplish.  What's interesting is that there are many proven ingredients developed around the world which help accomplish these goals. 

Most people don't know that the ingredients a) exist,  b) have gotten better over the years and c) work together to help create formulas that work. And don't break the bank.

1) Renew the skin. At a high level, you want a face cream to have ingredients which increase the ability of the skin to repair itself. A high quality formula will help boost cell production and ATP production by 40-80 percent.

2) Hydrate and protect the skin.  A good cream will have ingredients which help to rebuild the ability of the skin to stay hydrated.  It is one thing to add moisture to the skin from the outside.  It is another thing entirely to help the skin retain moisture and also be able to transport moisture from deep in the skin up to the top layer.  There are patented ingredients (not Hyaluronic acid) which help to accomplish this.

3) Smooth the skin.  A high quality face cream will also help to smooth the skin very quickly and improve appearance.  There are a series of ingredients (peptides) which work in a similar manner that Botox does.  But these new ingredients do it gently, and without dangerous toxins that can cause permanent nerve damage.

4) Firm the skin.  We all want firmer looking skin, and this is possible using ingredients that have been proven to increase the most important types (plural) of collagen in our skin.  There are ingredients, used in every high quality face cream, which increase collagen production by 80-300% within 15 days of use.  

Our Skin Beautiful MD Night/Day Cream accomplishes each of these 4 goals and is the #2 most re-ordered product by our customers.  Try it, you'll love it! 



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