Do Common Skin Care Products Make Your Face or Eyes Itch? Three Ideas That Might Help

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Are you someone who has "sensitive" skin?  Especially on your face and eyes? As someone who has been dealing with this, I have 3 specific tips.  Especially for those of us who are moms and/or grandmothers.

1) Anti-aging products in particular are designed for maximum impact.  20% Vitamin C Serum, and strong Retinol formulas.  These work, and are among the most recommended products by dermatologists.  But for many, they irritate the skin for many days after use.  Many people don't like that or want to do that.

This is a common problem.  The solution is to understand that are a lot of new and very effective ingredients out that to help all layers of your skin renew, rebuild and refresh. These ingredients also work together to accomplish the same goals as the harsh serums, but without the unpleasant side effects. 

For example, if you combine lower doses of Vitamins A, C and E, with newer peptides and new plant extracts you can experience zero irritation when you put it on your face. And the results can actually be better, long term.  It's a shift in philosophy. We all want firmer skin that looks shiny and new.  There's a lot out there that can help the most sensitive skin.

Over the years I've done a lot of work on TV. I never had time to "let my face heal".  Now, thanks to zoom and facetime, we are all on TV!!  Lol.

So I've always been looking for interesting tricks and tips. We built Skin Beautiful MD around this idea of sharing what I have learned and making some products that are easy to use and buy. And work. 

==>>Our newest product is a new "Retinol for the most sensitive skin."  The quick science is that it tells the genes in your skin to produce new skin more quickly.  But it does this without the burn and irritation.  It also adds some modern ideas taken from Integrative Medicine. For example, we add CoQ10 which helps to product more ATP and Mitochondria in your cells.  (Helps the skin become shiny and new!)   

The only downside to this modern approach to skin care is that there is a lot to learn.  Even the MD's we work with learn new things from us to use for their patients!   Join our email list for information overload.

2) A diet tip is to find a plan that helps balance out your hormones.  This is a big problem that throws "curveballs" at many of us. As someone who has written a major diet book, the last thing I want to do is debate nutrition or diet.  It's subjective.  Full carnivore diet might work for one person, full plant-based might work for another.  For me, the work of Dr. Joel Fuhrman is something I keep coming back to.  His focus is on micronutrient dense plants, berries and beans.  I usually add a little meat an fish, but for me, this works.  Key words "for me."   But you want to definitely keep the sugar, alcohol etc in check so the hormones don't freak out. 

3) Exercise.  I hate the gym.  I always have, which is why I spent so much time on my diet. (If you want to see my diet book, google me, tons of stuff will show up.)  But as I have gotten older I'm doing 2 things that help the skin. (I'll show you the science that proves this.)  

The first is more walking. I walk at least 3 miles a day.  Walking regulates CORTISOL which is a primary hormone and a stress hormone.  Cortisol is the ENEMY of collagen and elastin. 

Second is more intense exercise.  I don't go to the gym. I turn on my Power Plate. It's a machine that you step on and turn on. It sends out vibrations that activate your muscles 1200 times every 30 seconds.  This intense series of "energy" is so powerful that it forces your muscles and bones to produce new growth hormone, collagen, and helps regulate cortisol to a crazy degree.

I became such a big fan of the Power Plate that I now help run the company as their Chief Commercial Officer.  (look me up on LinkedIN if you want to learn more about my work in this area.) 

A lot of stress busting walking, plus 10 minutes a day on my Power Plate. (this is the one I have at home). Plus my skin care line.  Plus a ton of veggies.  This is my formula, and also my work! 

Questions? please reply to ANY of our emails.  I have so many interesting conversations with people and get inspired each time.  This post about hormones and sensitive skin came from a question from a new customer.



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