The Skin Beautiful MD 30 Day Challenge

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This is a suggestion from Emily in Boca Raton, Florida:

"Give these products a try! Perhaps do what I did, and commit to 30 days for just one half of your face. The difference becomes very noticeable!! I chose the “worst” half of my face and within 30 days that actually became the better half in many areas. TONED wasn’t out at the time so I started with the citrus serum and the night/day cream, used both am and pm."  

This is another suggestion from Rebecca which really caught our attention:

"Use all of the products twice a day and your skin will love you!! My favorite tip before Zoom meetings is use the Vitamin C Erase with a couple drops of tinted moisturizer with spf.

That way, I get the benefits of the Vitamin C Erase and the tint helps even out my skin tone. I don't even need to use foundation any more and I love the natural, translucent glow that my skin has.

Also, I have been using the day/night cream like a wound treatment. My entire household uses it on bug bites and minor skin conditions and we heal up faster than using an antibiotic ointment. It even helps heal stubborn acne scars."  

Amy outside of Nashville TN wrote this:

"Don't be afraid to layer the products! Each one works so well on its own, but stacking them is way better. I was afraid to do so my first year of using the products, because I was a tightwad. I was so silly since Jackie REGULARLY runs great deals. I love using the Vitamin C Serum 1st, then the Night and Day cream, topped off with Toned. The Toned leaves an amazing glow.

I am almost 59 and my skin looks so good now that I go without makeup. I would say my results are that I have stopped aging. Most people think I am ten years younger than my chronological age. I feel like the products have stopped the clock. Toned is my new secret weapon on top of the other great products. I really thought all the comments were hype, but it really is as good as they say. The large jar of Toned is an amazing deal!"  

Learn More About TONED here.

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