99% Of People Don't Use This Powerful (and cheap) Wrinkle Reducer

Posted by Jackie Wicks on

New research shows that certain types of clay are powerful collagen builders.  More collagen means fewer and less severe wrinkles on your face and neck.

Your skin is thirsty for minerals and is probably not getting enough. This is important because more minerals equal fewer wrinkles.

If you google "link between minerals and skin health" you'll see a list of essential minerals and a link to this piece of research.

Our products are rich in the Vitamins mentioned in that research. One thing that is probably missing in your skin routine is enough minerals.

One of the single best ways if getting mineral directly in your outer layer of skin is clay. The best clay in world (that we use) is rich in all essential minerals. Our Clay and Charcoal Mask puts these essential minerals into your skin. And pulls toxins and other junk out of your skin.

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More Clay = Fewer Wrinkles.

We will be repeating this. If you have any questions about how to use the Clay Mask ask us.

Use the Clay Mask before using TONED. Yet another great combination.

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