The Odd Reason Long Walks Burn SO Much Fat, and make you feel great

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New research shows that simple walking burns more fat than anyone thought possible.  
We have seen images of people sweating and "just doing it" for our whole lives.  That type of exercise is also better than anyone thought.
But simple walking, especially at a brisk pace is one of the best "bio hacks" when it comes to burning fat.  
It also helps to turn white fat into brown fat.  Brown fat is simply fat that is ready to go.  
Another biohack that our community has been using for about a year is an ingredient in our new whole body anti-wrinkle and body sculpting cream.
Our TONED cream contains a key ingredient developed by the same lab that developed the Citrus Stem Cell ingredient.  
This ingredient is pure, natural and cruelty free.  Tested on people.
Even our most loyal repeat customers were very skeptical when we first launched it, then they started using it.  Here is how it works.
These tests showed a 96.3 percent reduction in the amount of fat stored in the top layer of skin.
And showed a 57% percent increase in fat burned in the same top layer of the skin.  
They measured this by "painting" the fat cells red, and then looking at a before and after under a microscope.  
They tested this in the skin of people who volunteered.
One very interesting thing they found was that when people were at rest, they burned more fat than the people in exercise or stress mode.  
This makes sense if you think about it-- when you move slow you burn mostly fat, when you move fast you burn mostly sugar.    
This mirrors the 80/20 rule we learned working with Lifetime Fitness several years ago.  The best trainers there teach people to do 20% exercise in a higher heart rate and 80% at low heart rate.  
The more you "train" yourself for long brisk walks, the more "fat per calorie" you'll burn.  
This is why taking long walks burns so much fat.
You definitely want to stretch your capacity to exercise, which is the reason the top experts constant say burst train.  But fat is burned through making sure that 80% is as big as possible each day. 30-45 minutes minimum.  
Some people in our community walk 5-10 miles a day!!
==>>So with TONED, put it on your belly, legs, butt, arms.  And then go for a walk.  
Put it on the same places then go to bed!    
Use it twice a day for two months, and you'll see results.  
And hopefully also be able to measure results in pounds, if you increase your daily walking and movement.  
Bonus points for treating sugar like the c#$vid virus!!
If you want to try TONED, use the TRY coupon code when you check out here for 50% savings. 

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