How To Reactivate The Youth Metabolism Of Your Skin

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When we want to get fit and in shape, we have to get our metabolism working again. Metabolism simply means turning food into energy, instead of turning it into fat. 

The best way to activate your metabolism is by activating muscle.  Activated muscle helps to turn on your youth hormones. 

For example, activated muscle helps to produce growth hormone, naturally.  Things like running, jumping, tennis, lifting, sauna, cold plunge and Power Plate/vibration therapy all help to produce growth hormone. 

Growth hormone helps to produce more collagen inside your body.  More collagen means your joints will work and feel better. More collagen also means firmer more youthful skin.

When you combine muscle activation with the highest quality skin care ingredients, you have a proven formula to reactivate the "youth metabolism" of your skin.

SMOOTH contains the best ingredients to help active and proactive people get their skin looking and feeling great. 

If you think that paying a lot of money is the way to get your skin looking great, please read this as carefully as you can. And please click the live chat button on the bottom right of this page to ask us any questions directly.

-SMOOTH has multiple multi-function ingredients. This formula does a lot to help your skin work better, naturally. Instead of a “frozen in place” appearance, you look healthy and active. Our goal with SMOOTH is to help you look the best you possibly can, at whatever age you are.

Benefits Summary:

-As we get older, the muscles in our face relax less quickly. About 50% less quickly. The skin follows the muscle. So, as we smile, frown, squint, etc these movements start to become permanent.  Expression winkles begin to form. This starts in our 30’s.  Instead of freezing your muscles in place with repeated injections, one can relax the muscles, which relaxes the skin.   PhD Organic Chemists from Barcelona, Spain have led the effort with this “green” and organic method and continue to improve it.  

-This particular technology is part of an emerging megatrend in skin care.  It leads to a more natural look, and is part of a set of ingredients which help make all the cells in the top layers of your skin work more quickly.  Not as fast as young skin, but fast enough for you and others to see.

-This helps with things like Crows feet, lines of the forehead and around the mouth area. Feel free to smile and express your emotions, naturally.

-Reverse the “Senescence Cascade.”   Senescence is a fancy term for aging. With our skin, this means our cells lose power to divide, grow and function well.  SMOOTH contains natural ingredients which help to directly feed and nourish the skin cells.  Your skin is programmed and “retrained” to work better.  Just like you can reprogram your brain to work better, you can reprogram your skin to work better. (Neuroplasticty for the skin.)

-The active ingredients in SMOOTH help impact all layers of your skin.  This extends from the skin barrier layer, down through the collagen layer, the fat layer, to the muscles below.  This is a simplification, but those are the main layers of your skin that SMOOTH helps.  

-Impactful exercise and strong eating habits help to feed your skin from below.  SMOOTH is the perfect partner for active people who try to eat well.  Over the years, we have found that people who are active physically and mentally love our approach to skin care. 

For example, if you play tennis, lift weights, run, Sauna, use a Power Plate—- these are all activities which help to create signals for your body to work at peak level.  The difference between a “cardio only” approach and a “muscle focused” exercise approach is MASSIVE.   (More on this later, but the key point is activated muscle = better looking skin)

-Multiple ingredients in SMOOTH help to decrease skin surface roughness. Visible effects start in 5 days, and continue to build with daily use.

-When the skin barrier functionality is rebuilt/reprogrammed, the ability of your skin to protect you increases.  For example, one ingredient in SMOOTH helps to speed up healing of skin wounds by more than 100% within 2 days.  This one ingredient is so powerful it is used in other formulas dedicated to healing skin wounds.

-SMOOTH helps to soothe.  Tests done on people with laser dermabrasion showed that redness and water loss was visibly improved in just 2 days.

-When your skin barrier function is improved, your skins ability to retain hydration is significantly improved. In just 2 weeks the measured hydration in the skin can improve up to 50%.

-Hydrated, soothed and recovered skin is SMOOTH skin!

-SMOOTH helps to rebuild the collagen layer of your skin, significantly. Collagen is eroded by aging, excessive sugar and alcohol and the sun. SMOOTH helps to balance this natural collagen loss out, and then helps to rebuild collagen.  Think of you skin as having a “metabolism.”  SMOOTH helps to restore your skins “youth metabolism.”  

-Why is collagen so important in skin care? More collagen = improved skin density.  More collagen = Reduced wrinkle depth by 40% in 2 months.

-SMOOTH contains high impact botanical extracts. For example, Coffee seed extract helps with dark circles around the eyes, helps prevent skin cancer, and also helps to reduce cellulite.  (SMOOTH used with TONED on different parts of the body can be a HIGHLY effective daily routine.

-SMOOTH contains the most powerful and stable form of Vitamin C currently on the market. This particular form of vitamin C helps boost collagen production 50% more than than regular Vitamin C.  This particular ingredient is powerful enough to help fight acne, dark spots and MMP enzymes.  When you block the MMP enzymes, you prevent the sun from degrading the collagen in your skin. This allows you to enjoy the many health and mood promoting benefits of the sun! 

Please purchase SMOOTH in our store here.  Thank you!

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