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"I just feel so good when I put SMOOTH on. It's an automatic habit for me, nothing to think about. I don't know how to explain it, it just feels good. Like when you put on a Cashmere sweater.  This is my absolute every day staple."  -Jackie Wicks

Why SMOOTH? The active ingredients in SMOOTH are clinically proven to perform as well as, or better than the most expensive skin care products.  This formula helps the your skin work the way it did 10-20 years ago.  Use this on your face for 30 days, twice a day.  TRY it for yourself.

SMOOTH is going to quickly become your primary weapon to not only lean against natural aging processes, but also renew all layers of your skin.  Much of the magic will be unlocked within 30 days of use. Large 2oz size

Ingredient Benefit Highlights Based On Published Tests On People:

-Reduce wrinkle depth up to 30% in 2 months, making skin appear up to 8 years younger

-Different ingredients work together to powerfully boost collagen production.

-Contains the most powerful form of Vitamin C on the market, BV-OSC. This is also the most expensive form of Vitamin C for skin formulas.

-Effects of skin aging are delayed or reversed in all skin layers. Aged skin is visibly firmer.

-Helps to eliminate age spots over 4 months with consistent use. Acne significantly reduced in a majority of people

-Measurably strong levels of UV-A and UV-B protection. Skin is strongly protected against the collagen destroying impact of sun exposure. (Get your Vitamin D without the side effects!)

-After 2 weeks of use, skin is more moist, smoother, firmer and more elastic