How Ketone Salts Help Boost Energy, Brain Function, Metabolism, Fat Burning (And Skin Health)

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Ketones are naturally produced by your body when your liver breaks down fat. This creates energy, and helps support brain function, muscle function, metabolism and increased use of fat as an energy source.  

Your body always has a certain level of ketones in your blood, and this is measurable. The main ketone produced in your body is called beta-hydroxybutyric acid, commonly referred to as BHB.

What is interesting is that when BHB is further metabolized by your body, it produces an electrical charge. (source)    

Not only does BHB help increase energy levels, but high enough levels help prevent new fat cells from forming.  It makes sense, if more fat is being burned, less needs to be stored in your body and in your skin.

Ketone Salts: In recent years, scientists have figured out how to create this same compound, BHB in supplement form.  You take it and your ketone levels increase.

The original research proving that external ketones work was done in 2016 at Oxford University. Funding was provided by the US Military.

Increased BHB levels in the body not only can help create more energy, but some people have reported decrease in appetite as well as better sleep.  Also, it could be a tool to help fight sugar/carb cravings.  

At Skin Beautiful MD we sell a high quality BHB formula which we suggest taking before exercise.  With our TONED program, we work to get people engage in daily bursts of the highest intensity exercise possible.  If you start to sweat, you are doing it right.  

Exercise also helps your body produce additional internal ketones. People think they are spending energy when they exercise.  What's really happening is the process described above, where electrical charges are created when BHB ketone is broken down.  

There is new research that shows increased "time to exhaustion"  with the addition of ketone salts before exercise.  From our point of view this provides a double benefit.  Increase in ketone levels from the salts and increase in ketone benefit from exercise.

Our Skin Beautiful MD TONED challenge for you is to jog a mile, slowly, after taking our BHB toning support.  But jog a mile regardless. Or swim, or do elliptical.  But get the sweat going.

Our own experience at altitude in Colorado is these salts help energy levels, and make it easier to run at altitude.  

World class athletes are experimenting with liquid ketones, which are more expensive, but are thought to be more bioavailable than the salts. There is debate about these two approaches, but we are seeing massive anecdotal enthusiasm from people using all types of external ketones. (source)

For regular people, these cheaper ketone salts are hugely popular.  And most importantly they are re-ordered at a high rate.  You can poke around Amazon and take a look at competing products in the space.

There are tons of verified real reviews that you can read from people raving about these salts.   Many comments around craving control and fat loss.  This is not research, but we think the volume of enthusiasm is meaningful.  

Exercise and Skin Health/Beauty:  

When you exercise and sweat, this increases blood flow to the skin.  This process helps to carry nutrients to the skin, which help to build collagen and elastin.  Intense enough exercise also helps to trigger increased production of natural growth hormone.  This in turn boosts collagen production.  All of which helps to boost skin health.  

The key here are bursts of exercise, each day.  Leave a comment below and tell us how you exercise, how often you sweat.  


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