One Ingredient FIRMS Skin, One Ingredient SOFTENS Skin, Another SMOOTHES Skin

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At Skin Beautiful MD we teach you about the science of skin care, so you can take advantage of powerful new innovation.  

20 years ago skin products used to be a combination of extracts and Vitamins.  Mostly.  Things like extracts from melon, or pressed berries.   Things in their natural form.  

There was (and is) real science behind all of this.  But these formulas didn't work as well as they were sold.  Maybe you saw Cindy Crawford and the French doctor on an informercial.  Maybe you tried the product.  

Maybe you watched Dr Perricone on QVC. Maybe you tried the products.  

The reason we say this is that there now are ingredients used in high-end anti-aging products that were not available then.  

This is important, because a lot of people "tuned out" of the "anti-aging" discussion. We know this because our customer tell us this.  People start reading about what we are doing and the first reaction is skepticism.  Totally reasonable.

What we do then is simply show the ingredients we use.  For example, our second most popular product is our Night/Day Cream.    People mostly use this on the face and neck.  

We use botanical extracts, we use some Vitamins.  You can see all the ingredients here.   You'll see Ginseng, Almond Oil, Cucumber, Carrot.  

But you'll also see a description of 5 powerful Peptides.  Peptides are tiny proteins, that are made in labs from totally natural and clean ingredients.  Because these proteins are tiny, they are able to absorb into the skin.    

Once in the skin, they are able tell the cells and the genes to do certain things. When people start using this "full stack" of ingredients they experience visible progress.  For example, if you only use this cream on one side of your face for a two weeks, you'll see a difference.   The mix of ingredients is what creates this difference.

For example, there are a couple peptides which help to FIRM up the skin.  This is almost entirely done with Type 1 Collagen.  Type 1 collagen is 80% of collagen and is the durable workhorse of collagen.

-One peptide helps increase the production of Type 1 collagen, by 100% or more.

-Another peptide helps to prevent the breakdown of Type 1 collagen by the sun.  

There is another peptide which helps to soften the skin, by increasing the amount of Type 3 collagen in the skin. Type 3 is limited and most people stop producing it by their 20's.  It's what gives babies "baby soft skin."   This ingredient is what helps people experience a "softness" to their skin in addition to new firmness.

You can read all the detail on this page.     The final ingredient that helps to smooth the skin, instantly, is a natural and safe Botox-mimetic.  It literally mimics how Botox works on the cellular level.  The simplest way of explaining how this works is that reduces muscle contractions (that's how Botox works) but it does it in a "relaxed" way.  And without the toxic nerve damage!  

In conclusion, we are doing a lot here.  But the #1 way we built Skin Beautiful MD was simply explaining the new ingredients available.   Also, compared to other luxury skin care companies, we have figured out how to bring the costs down.  There is no reason to be spending $80 to $160 for an ounce of cream.  When people pay reasonable prices for these ingredients and products, they use enough of them, often enough.  That's our "secret."  

PS: if you are wondering what our most popular product is, it's TONED.  And we sell it in a kit with our Night/Day Cream and our Stem Cell product.  These 3 products represent the best neck care solution out there.  Learn about this kit here.

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