How can I get rid of or stop new brown pigmentation spots from forming on my face?

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Got this question from Jeanne in our community: 

"Hi Jackie,

How can I get rid of or stop new brown pigmentation spots from forming on my face?


Two days ago, I got an email from a customer - Linda -  that said her two dark brown spots on her face are almost gone.  

She uses the total renew kit:

"Hi, Jackie.

I have waited to review the skin care line to see how it works over time.

I have to say that I was a bit skeptical that it would be a great improvement over some of the expensive products I have used in the past. 

After three months of using the Citrus Stem Cell formula, the Vitamin C Serum and the Night/Day Cream twice a day, I am actually noticing quite a difference in my skin. Not only do I not need as much product, my skin is smoother and the two dark spots that I have hated are almost gone. 

At 73, I still have wrinkles, but they are much less noticeable now. I often skip foundation."

Here's the kit Linda uses:

Skin Beautiful MD Total Renew Kit

Use the code: INSIDER50 and you get 50% off.

It comes with a detailed brochure and the order and I'm including the
order you use the products here:

Citrus Stem Cell Miracle is always first, then the Vitamin C Serum, then
the Eye Serum and then Night Cream. She said this is exactly what she's
been doing.

1. Citrus Stem Cell Miracle. You can use this several times during the day
if you like but I want to make sure that is first after a clean face and
you use it all over. Don't forget your neck and décolletage. My
greatgrandmother is from Paris and worked her whole life as an executive
at Lancome. Even at 8 years old she told me about protecting the neck and
décolletage and I think I am the only one of all of my friends that has
very little signs of an aging neck.

2. Vitamin C Serum. Follow the same directions as the Citrus Stem Cell

3. Eye Serum. Use four "dots" total. Size of a small pill. Take one dot
on your index finger and lightly place underneath your eye. Smooth in
lightly. Take a 2nd dot and put on your lid and smooth over skin lightly.
Do this same with the other eye.

4. Day/Night Cream. If you use SPF in the morning (I do), blend in with
the cream in your palm and use both. But only in the morning. You >don't
want SPF on your skin at night. It clogs your pores and inhibits repair.
Please use a generous amount. And I usually put a bit on my hands as well.
Especially at night when you're sleeping and your body is in total and
deep repair mode.

I use an SPF in the morning that still gives me that feeling and look. And
that I use the Citrus Stem Cell Miracle for that look as well because it
tends to make my wrinkles literally disappear.

Here's the link for the kit again:

Skin Beautiful Total Renew Kit

Use the code: INSIDER25 and you get 25% off.

I love these products so much and I use them every single day. The before
and after is amazing.

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  • Does this really work for brown spots? I’ve gone to a dermatologist & had cosmetic procedures done and they can’t correct it so What makes this so special to get rid of brown spots..

    Vicky Burgard on

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