How Berberine Reduces Blood Glucose By 35% and Can Help You Sleep MUCH Better

Posted by Jackie Wicks on

Here is a quick summary of why Berberine is one of the most useful supplements out there. 


1) Blocks pro-inflammatory pathways and turns on anti-inflammatory pathways. This helps with depression, heart health, brain health.  


2)  Increases Serotonin by 47% and Dopamine by 31%.  Berberine also blocks blood glucose production, which helps your sleep. Do this before bed and have a great drug-free sleep.


3) Berberine has been shown in clinical trials to reduce fasting blood glucose by 35%.  (to be blunt, it is "Oz3mptc" for smarter/more active people)


4) Over 6000 research studies have been conducted at top universities.  And it's been used for thousands of years in China and India.  


5) The problem with Berberine is that it is hard to get into your bloodstream.  Mara Labs has solved this problem, which is why their Berberine is becoming very popular.  Mara Labs Berberine absorbs 4x better than anything out there and goes to work right away.  Learn more here.  


6) Mara Labs also adds some of their patented broccoli extract to this formula.  (See the label here).


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