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(3 Pack) Vita-Pro Volumizing Shampoo

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For those of you familiar with our Follicle Serum, you'll be very pleased to know that we are rolling out a new Shampoo which features the same key ingredient that helps grow more hair. And helps one lose less hair.    

The shampoo combines the best hair growth ingredients available in the world. It combines root extracts used in ancient Chinese Medicine with cutting edge science from Swiss Biochemists. 

This product is for both men and women, of any age.  it is also a timely product, coming after a period where many of us lost a dramatic amount of hair.

Our hair follicles are either in a "resting" stage or a "growth" stage.  The powerful extract in this shampoo penetrate deep into the hair follicle roots, and help stimulate a (much) higher percentage of hair in the "growth" stage.  

Key Point: Studies show that 85% of people experience denser hair after 3 months.  It has a very neutral smell and it is designed for everyday use.  

There are other ingredients in this shampoo like Biotin and Arginine that you'll be familiar with.  The addition of this pea sprout extract, developed by biochemists in Switzerland, make this a singular product.    

Use in conjunction with Follicle Serum for best results.  Some men who use this product also rub the shampoo foam into the beard area to help reduce appearance of grey hair.  Some Skin Beautiful MD customers who have used the Follicle Serum over the years have reported a variety of colors (other than grey) when new hair starts to grow back.



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