The 6 Body Parts That Reveal Your Age First

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Aging is a natural part of life. 

As we get older, we look older too. 

But, why do some people look so much older and worn down than others at the same age?

How can you stop premature aging?

If you want to look vibrant and healthy, then you need to take care of your body.

There are some body parts that can visibly age you faster than others. 

If you can protect and care for those areas, you can preserve your youthful looks for longer.

What Causes the Appearance of Aging?

As you get older, your body starts to break down. 

Skin can no longer produce the same levels of collagen or elastin to stay plump, taut and smooth. 

Hair begins to get brittle, thin and wispy.

Some things will speed up this breakdown process much faster.

Exposure to sunlight, for example, can do a lot of harm to the skin and hair. 

Over the years, exposing the skin and hair to a lot of harmful UV rays breaks down the cells faster, making it look visibly wrinkled and damaged (sometimes called “leathery”).

Using harsh products on your skin and hair can also speed up the damage. 

Many of the typical products you see on the shelves in the store are full of cheap ingredients that tend to cause more harm than they prevent.

Lotion, for example, does little to truly moisturize the skin and nothing to restore collagen. 

Many face washes and body soaps dry out the skin with harsh cleansing agents. 

 Sunscreens can clog pores and can actually increase the risk for cancer if used incorrectly and not applied often enough.

While some parts of aging are determined by genetics, a lot is impacted by our environment and routines.

To be most effective, you should focus your efforts on a few key areas. 

Not every part of the body is going to cause visible aging.

6 Body Parts that Can Visibly Age Fastest

Some parts of the body just get noticeably worn down faster than others. 

When we meet someone for the first time, they will automatically put us into a mental age group. 

While they may not consciously try to guess your age, they will make assumptions about what you know or how experienced you are at certain things based on your age.

The best way to avoid premature aging is to take care of these six areas where you will noticeably age the fastest.


The hands often take the brunt of our work. 

We run our hands in the hot water as we work in the kitchen, we wash them with harsh soaps frequently and we use them for all kinds of manual labor jobs—like raking, shoveling and sweeping.

Your hands are likely to get age spots from sun exposure and prominent veins as the skin thins with age.

Your hands can get creepy or scaly quickly because they are dry and damaged by harsh products and elements.

The fingernails can get brittle, splitting, peeling and breaking from damage.

In fact, the hands were the top reason we created our newest product, Toned

Our customers loved their facial creams so much, they told us they were smearing them on the back of their hands to help restore the dry skin there.

How to slow the aging: The best way to care for your hands is with a moisturizing and collagen-infusing cream. 

Use a small dab of sunscreen every day and reapply after washing your hands or every two hours when out in the sun. 

Choose gentle hand soaps that prioritize the skin’s moisture balance.


The wrinkles around your eyes and the eyes themselves will show age quickly.

You can usually tell when an actor in a movie is faking their old age because their eyes look too clear.

How to slow the aging: Protect your eyes with SPF sunglasses and use eye creams that will reduce the surrounding wrinkles, dark circles and bags.


The face is one of the most obvious places for aging—it’s where people tend to look first!

If you have sagging skin, deep lines or discolorations, people may think you are older than you are.

The face takes the brunt of the elements because we rarely cover it completely.

Our lines of facial products are carefully formulated to offer the highest quality ingredients for restoring lost collagen and elastin, increasing moisture and tightening the skin. 

The rejuvenating ingredients are sourced from top labs in Europe, combining the same ingredients as luxury brands at a fraction of the price.

How to slow the aging: Choose daytime moisturizers and makeup that will have SPF coverage to help protect your face from the sun during the day. 

Wearing a hat during prolonged exposure is also a huge help in protecting your face. 

Eating fewer sugary foods and drinking more water can keep your skin clear of damaging blemishes. 

And, of course, choosing moisturizing products specially formulated to support the skin is a crucial way to slow the aging process of your face.


The neck is often somewhat ignored until the wrinkles and crepey skin starts.

As we age, the neck can start to show clear signs of damage.

If you’ve been good about caring for your face, then the contrast can make this even more apparent. 

This is also true if you are skilled at applying makeup that smooths facial blemishes and skin flaws. 

If your face looks vibrant and smooth, your neck may look even worse by contrast.

You can’t hide the sagging, grooved and crepey skin of your neck beneath makeup.

How to slow the aging: Similar to your face, choosing the right moisturizing products and SPF protect will help slow the aging of your neck. 

Our Toned product specifically helps tighten the skin, reducing the crepey look.


Our hair gets damaged over time from the sun, elements, harsh products and heat styling tools.

Before you know it, your hair looks dull, brittle and becomes unmanageable. 

You may have thinning hair that is leading toward baldness. 

Or, you might have fluffy and frizzy hair that is just impossible to style without a lot of work.

How to slow the aging: The best way to reverse damage to hair is to use gentle products that won’t strip out the natural oils with harsh chemicals. 

You can use your blow drier on cool and the lowest heat setting for your tools if you need them.


The other area we specifically created Toned to support is the chest area. For many, this is another area that gets exposed to the sun.

The chest will get leathery and filled with sunspots if it is damaged too often.

How to slow the aging: Use sunscreen regularly when you are in the sun. 

Toned will help provide the deep moisture to help penetrate the skin layers for rejuvenation.

Rejuvenate the Skin for a Youthful Look

If you look a lot older than you are, it can affect your self-esteem.

While there is nothing wrong with aging, looking older than our peers makes us feel like we failed at self-care.

You might notice that you look tired and haggard in pictures.

Or, you may experience uncomfortable side effects that come with damaged hair and skin.

If you are ready to stop the damage and slow the aging process, check out the options at Skin Beautiful MD.


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